Soyombo preaches 4-points to achieve excellence in Lagos state

No doubt, the quest to guarantee the best academic outcomes in Lagos State schools was the rationale behind the creation of the new office of Education Quality Assurance in the state.

To actualize this purpose, the Director General of the Quality Assurance Office, Mrs. Ronke Soyembo has been meeting with various associations of private school owners within the educational family in order to sensitize them on the expectations of the agency from Quality Assurance Officers whenever they are on schools evaluation.
In her address, Mrs. Soyombo emphasized four different points or areas that Quality Assurance Officers should consider during schools evaluation. These are: Teaching and learning; Achievement and Standards; Leadership and Management; and Lesson observation.

According to her, evaluating teaching and learning should be geared towards teachers’ planning and implementation of learning activities within and outside the classroom, such as support and intervention. This deals with evaluation of quality teaching based on the curriculum. The most important role of teaching is to promote learning so as to raise pupils’ achievement.

On Achievements and Standards, she said, it deals with academic achievement which takes care of learners’ attainment and rate of progress, hence evaluators would consider the quality of learning and progress made by different groups of learners, especially challenged learners and those with special Mrs. Soyembo maintained that the evaluation of quality of leadership and management of the schools at all levels; particularly by the Principal/Head teacher, senior management team with specific responsibilities will help determine how much teachers and principals focus effectively on learning and management.

Lastly, she said by considering Lesson Observation Performance, various levels of impact of the lessons delivered in class will be reviewed to determine relevance and pattern of delivery. These various levels are inadequate lesson, satisfactory lesson, good lesson and outstanding lesson.

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  1. Ajilore Sunday // August 5, 2016 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    I will want to appeal to government to encourage potential proprietors and proprietress to set up schools. Some approved schools are owned by people not trained but because they have means. Many trained teachers who want to establish schools are unable because there is no financial assistance. Genuine people should be encouraged and this will add to government’s income, if well planned

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